The Tragedy Called President Macky Sall

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The African Bar Association is deeply saddened at the turn of events in  Senegal, West Africa. What was thought to be a flourishing democracy  has become an African nightmare. 

In 2016 during the Gambian Political logjam, President Macky Sall became the rallying point of the opposition Party that have just won the  Election disputed by Former President Yahyah Jammeh and his Party.  There was practically no step Mr. Macky Sall did not take purportedly in  support of democracy in Gambia including threat of Military Force. Infact,  Mr. Macky Sall made his Country available for the then Gambian opposition  to use as their rallying point. That was how current President Adama  Barrow was first inaugurated at the Gambian Embassy in Senegal, a  move which was largely applauded globally. 

However, the recent events in Senegal, Mr. Macky Sall’s own Country  shows that all his well-publicized efforts in the Gambia dispute were for  some other ulterior motives and certainly not for democracy and the rule of  Law. Recent events suggests that Mr. Macky Sall is a despot himself and  not different from other sit tight African Leaders whose end he has refused,  failed and or neglected to learn from. 

Mr. Macky Sall’s journey to infamy started when he began nursing the  ambition of a third term in office despite the clear and unambiguous  Constitutional ban. When that move enraged Senegalese Citizens and the  international Community, the outgoing President appeared to retrace his  steps only to unleash his venom on the opposition Candidate by raking up  all types of trumped up Charges and having him jailed by his cronies in the  Senegalese Legal System. 

His actions created very serious tension and violence in the Country but like  Nero, President Macky Sall, fiddled while Senegal burned. He cared less  so long as he remains in office and he was prepared to use any means to  retain Power including using a surrogate.

As if the tension and the wanton destruction of lives and Properties in his  Country as a result of his in ordinate ambition was not enough, Mr. Macky  Sall suddenly postponed the date of the General Elections that would have  seen him out of office after serving out his often treacherous term in office.  The action of Mr. Sall has no Constitutional backing and was done for no  concrete reason other than the lust to remain in Power. 

Now Senegal is burning and the citizens have risen up to the occasion.  While this is going on the ECOWAS and the AU are slumbering, only to  wake up with a resolution of Military invasion when all have been destroyed  in Senegal. 

This brings us back to the tragedy of most African Nations. The feeling of  birthright and entitlement to govern forever. The Hogwash democracy  being practiced that makes top Government officials Billionaires and leaves  the governed in poverty and disease. The Democracy that helps in  infrastructural decay breeds, conflicts, terrorism and staunts Economic  growth. Now that a Court of Competent Jurisdiction in Senegal has declared  his actions, illegal, will he obey? 

The African Bar Association strongly condemns the actions and inactions of Mr. Macky Sall and assure him that unless he immediately retrace his steps, he will be met with a very strong response from the African Legal fraternity without further warning. 

Enough is enough. Go Mr. Macky Sall! Go! 

Abuja, Nigeria.
14th Feb., 2024.

Hannibal Uwaifo Esq.
President of the African Bar Association

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