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The African Bar Association has been following with deep concern the recent  developments in the Republic of Togo. 

While we recognize that the developments are in a State of flux and  unfolding, it is the position of the Association that the Government of  Togo and all Political actors must abide strictly by the Rule of Law,  Constitutionalism and refrain from acts that could have destabilizing  consequences for the well-being of the People and the stability of  Togo. 

The African Bar Association recalls the recent case of the Republic of Senegal where we offered similar advice and the useful path ultimately pursued by  the immediate past Government of President Macky Sall which resulted in the conduct of free, transparent and credible Elections resulting in a Peaceful transition of Power in the best tradition. 

The African Bar Association is confident that the Government of Togo and all those responsible for its Governance and Political stability will put the  interest of the People of Togo above everything else, stick to existing  Constitutional arrangements and refrain from hurriedly contrived  reforms that could lead to conflicts and instability, thereby reversing  the democratic gains that the Country has made. 

The African Bar Association calls on ECOWAS, the AU and well meaning Members of the International Community to provide  necessary support to the Republic of Togo aimed at ensuring that the  Rule of Law and timelines for Democratic Elections are complied with  for the stability of the sub-region. 

Abuja, Nigeria 

8th April, 2024 

Hannibal Uwaifo Esq 


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