Emeka Arinze Esq.

Chair of the FTLD

Digital Evidence & eDiscovery process is an Electronic Evidentiary Tool for 21st Century Law Practice for Admissibility of Digital Evidence & Management of eDiscovery Law Practice for the Bar and the Bench.

In order to develop the cutting-edge digital skills needed to become proficient in Digital Evidence and eDiscovery law practice, the committee on Digital Evidence and eDiscovery law practice is poised to bringing together legal communities within the African Bar: The Judiciary; University Law Faculties; Law Schools; In-House Corporate Counsel And Other Leading Industry Participants with a view to developing the cutting-edge digital skills needed to become proficient in Digital Evidence and eDiscovery Law Practice for effective management of litigation within the demands of the digital eco-legal systems.

About the Committee

The committee is committed to its members in addressing the following areas of interest by way of research & journal development, which would inevitably lay the foundation for Conferences; Seminars; Workshops and Training:

  • Virtual Environment and the Dilemma of the Judicial Tripod in the 21st Century

  • An Overview of the Law of Evidence: The Pre-Digital Age

  • The Emergence of the Law of Evidence in the Contemporary World: Integrated Circuits and the Concept of Binary Digits

  • Understanding Computer System Components, Functions and Their Evidentiary Values

  • Digital Evidence Sources and Their Evidentiary Values

  • Admissibility Foundation for Digital Evidence

  • Electronic Document and Admissibility Foundation

  • Digital Images as Evidence

  • Cellphone Data and Cellular Networks as Evidence

  • Social Networks and Digital Evidence

  • Satellite Image (Data) as Digital Evidence

  • Electronic Banking and Evidentiary Challenges

  • Legal Issues Specific to Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Forensic Evidence

  • Logs as Digital Evidence

  • Cryptography and Blockchain: The Backbone of Digital Evidence Authentication

  • Judicial Notice in the Digital Age

  • System Malfunction and Integrity Violation: A Case for Admissibility of Digital Evidence

  • eDiscovery: An Overview

  • The Development of eDiscovery Guidelines, Reference Models/Legal Framework

  • An Overview of eDiscovery Development and Application in Different Jurisdictions including Africa

  • Litigation-Readiness Plan: Getting Ready for eDiscovery

  • The Preservation of Evidence and Litigation Hold

  • Pre-Trial Conference, and Early Exchange of Computer System Information, Pursuant to eDiscovery

  • Production of Electronically Stored Document

  • Accessibility and Inaccessibility Issues in the Production of Electronically Stored Information

  • The Principle of Proportionality in Producing Electronically Stored Information in eDiscovery

  • Spoliation and Sanctions

  • Subject-Specific Sources of Discoverable Electronic Stored Information in eDiscovery

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2011: Access to Information in the Age of Electronic Record