Emeka Arinze Esq.


The objective of Cyber Crime and digital forensics Committee is to strengthen law enforcement capabilities to prevent, investigate and prosecute information age crimes involving digital technologies and evidence, promotes expert collaboration among agencies, government, business and academia, identifies resource needs, advocates for enhancements and sharing, and advises Association leadership and members. It also anchors on materials that would avail defence attorneys on cybercrime defence in course of prosecution.

About the Committee

The Committee focuses on forensic analysis of digital data for a variety of applications including cyber security, criminal investigations, and national intelligence.

  • Digital and Multimedia Evidence and Forensics, Multimedia Forensics (including but not limited to Image-, Audio-, and Video Analysis, Biometrics, Linguistic Analysis of Texts)

  • Chip, Mobile. Live Data & Network Forensics

  • Forensic Lab Management and Accreditation. eDiscovery

  • Cybercrime investigation, Terrorism, Computer-Related Fraud, Computer-Related Forgery, Content-Related offenses (Child abuse materials, Promotion of extremism), Copyright Infringement

  • Other Legal Aspects of Digital Evidence Procedure and Applications; Cloud Computing Security

  • Web Application & Database Security

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention and Network Security

  • Mobile Device and Smart Grid Security

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Security of “Internet of Things”

  • Quantum Computing Security

  • Digital Currency SecuritySecurity of Wearable Devices

  • Digital Rights Management Applications / Issues in National and International Security Issues, Human Rights Trans-National Cybercrime Investigations and Mutual Legal Assistance

  • Internet-based Espionage & Advanced Persistent Threats

  • State-Sponsored Cyber Warfare & Terrorism

  • International Cyber Conflicts

  • Government Surveillance

  • Censorship and Control of the Internet

  • International Cyber Laws and Confidence Building Measures

  • Applications in Organizational Security and Incident Response Incident Response

  • Behavioral Information & Insider Threat Management

  • Security Policies, Security Auditing & Regulatory Compliance

  • Security and Accreditation of Security and Forensics Training

  • Innovative Pedagogic Techniques

  • Hands-on Security Laboratories and Tabletop Exercises

  • Diversity in Security/Forensics Education

  • Online Security/Forensics Education