The South African Bar Association (SABA), as a vanguard of the profession in South Africa, is honoured to collaborate with the University of South Africa’s College of Law in co-hosting this year’s annual African Bar Association’s Flagship Conference in South Africa. The South African Bar Association welcomes all of the African Bar Association’s esteemed office bearers, President, Vice Presidents, and Executive Council Members to our shores. A special welcome is also extended to the University of South Africa’s Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, as well as the College of Law Dean, academic personnel, and students. The South Africa Bar Association warmly welcomes all delegates from Africa, South Africa, and beyond, including esteemed executive members of the South African and African Governments, judges, magistrates, attorneys, advocates, candidate attorneys, and pupil advocates. The South African Bar Association is confident that this year’s Conference will accomplish what it set out to accomplish, which is building the legal profession in Africa under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

The South African Bar Association congratulates the University of South Africa on their remarkable 150- year celebration and acknowledges them for all their academic milestones achieved over the years. May the institution continue to be a beacon of academic excellence for many more generations to come. Thank you for all your immense contributions to the legal profession in South Africa and the African Continent. Many of our members have obtained their undergraduate and/or postgraduate qualifications from the University of South Africa, and on behalf of our members, the South African Bar Association is forever indebted to the institution for all the academic knowledge imparted to our members. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with the University of South Africa for the common good of the legal profession and to ensure wherever possible that the legal fraternity is uniquely placed for the challenges of the twenty-first century and beyond, with the core objective to achieve the sustainability development goals of the United Nations.

The South African Bar Association further recognises the African Bar Association’s dedication and commitment to the legal fraternity on the African Continent. Your invaluable contribution to the legal fraternity on the African Continent is much appreciated, and thank you for creating a continental platform through which African State legal fraternities can connect and learn from each other. Thank you for spearheading the advancement of the legal profession in Africa. Thank you for being the voice of the legal fraternity and for ensuring the honour and integrity of the profession. Your work in protecting and advancing the debate on human rights issues on the continent is well noted, as is your promotion of good corporate governance. For the South African Bar Association, it is a real honour to be associated with you, and we are looking forward to deepening our relationship and to assist wherever assistance is needed in advancing the legal fraternity on the African Continent for the benefit of all the citizens in Africa.

ADV. BART FORD Chairperson of the South Africa Bar Association.