Emeka Arinze Esq.


In today’s digital environment, lawyers in whatever jurisdiction deal with early-stage, high-growth start-ups and leading global tech corporations on a day-to-day basis, and the variety of sectors covered is just as wide. This committee therefore aims to prepare members with a wide range of multidisciplinary competencies in law and technologies. There is no doubt that the legal domain is affected by IoE (Internet of Everything), so it becomes critical for a lawyer to understand the technology domain which is his ultimate end-to-end environment to become tech-savvy with a competitive edge in the legal market space.

About the Committee

The committee is not unmindful that Technology and law interfaces both transactional and advisory work and our lawyers have to be commercially tech- minded all-rounders, working on anything that supports a tech company in delivering its goods such as commercial agreements and projects. To that extent therefore, the committee is committed to its members in addressing the following areas of interest:
  • Law office Automation and Client Portal Management

  • Legal document automation

  • Legal tech plan and Design for law firms

  • Legal implication of applying technology to legal services

  • Technology and Innovation for Legal Professionals

  • Complex technologies such as software licensing agreements and telecoms contracts

  • Outsourcing transactions, IT implementation projects and IP development and licensing deals

  • Consumer and Telecoms regulation

  • Software development and networking

  • Applying Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to legal practice

  • Privacy issues: data protection as compliance

  • Solutions for legal services using data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

  • Legal regulation of newest technologies

  • Management of legal technologies available on the market and its operation

  • Know-how in fintech, privacy tech, intellectual property protection, robotics and cyber-crime forensics

  • Legaltech community and lawyer- start-ups