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Working since 1971

About AFBA

The African Bar Association (AFBA) was Established in 1971 as a professional body uniting individual lawyers and national legal associations in Africa. She was designed to be a federation of national legal associations, corporate and unincorporated legal entities, and individual lawyers.


Membership benefits of the African Bar Association

  1. Access to African Legal Fraternity and networking opportunities with over 2,000 Lawyers.
  2. Opportunity to obtain referrals from Clients within and outside Africa and from International, Groups affiliated or in partnership with AFBA.
  3. Reduced Conference fees for AFBA and Partners across the Globe and access to conference literature.
  4. Access to African Legal Systems and Literature.
  5. Access to African Business entrepreneurs co-ordinated by the AFBA Business roundtable Committee.
  6. Limitless tourism opportunities
  7. Recommendations to obtain international travel documents and Business.
  8. Improved Law practice through Continuing Legal Education and opportunities to Speak at Conferences, seminars, and international meetings.
  9. Opportunity to partake in the AFBA International pension plan, insurance scheme.
  10. Listing in the African Bar List of practicing Lawyers and Law firms in Africa, et.c


Members and intending members of the African Bar Association are to note as follows:

  1. The African Bar Association activities year runs from 1st January – 31st December of every year. Payment for Membership dues runs accordingly irrespective of when the dues are paid.
  2. Membership Subscription is $110 and yearly Renewal including Membership ID Card is $60
  3. A member who fails to renew his or her membership for any year will have to reapply as a new member and pay the sum of $110 Membership fees instead of the yearly renewal fees of $60 for any other subsequent year in order to retain your Membership Number.
  4. Any Member whose Membership Subscription is outstanding for 2 years or more will not be able to access the African Bar Association Platform and will have the Membership and Identity Card cancelled and will have to reapply for a new Membership Number.


New Members 110
AFBA Members (Young Lawyers-6yrs & below Post Enrolment 60
Students 30
Non-African Lawyers/Associate Members 210
All Membership Renewals 60


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Membership Categories

There are two (2) types of Membership Categories


Full Membership includes membership of the AFBA and two (2) committees from the Legal practice division and the SPPID. Full membership also allows for members of the sub-regional Forum. Any additional committee in both division or sub-regional fora can be purchased at USD $25 (Twenty Five Dollars) or at local currency equivalent.


General Membership includes membership of one committee and one sub-regional forum of the AFBA. Any additional committee in the LPD or SPPID or sub-regional forum can be purchased at USD $25 (Twenty five dollars). Membership shall be open to any member of AFBA subject to the satisfactory completion of a membership application form.

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