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Doing Good Business in Africa for Africans

The Business Round Table is an initiative of the African Bar Association founded on the vision of African Bar Association and is charged with the responsibility of creating conversations and stimulating thoughts among lawyers, business leaders, corporations, government and non-governmental agencies on very critical issues that can promote businesses and the overall welfare of Africans.

With its network of lawyers spread across all the African countries, it is obvious that the association can leverage its advantage added to its depth of knowledge to attract knowledge men and women to participate in arguments and cutting edge conversations to initiate and influence laws that can be applied for the overall well-being of the African continent.

It is no news that Africa is faced with a myriad of Financial, Socio-Political and leadership challenges. It is therefore our view that this platform will create the first opportunity of its kind where the network of lawyers can be leveraged to draw the attention of industry leaders and tap from their experience to reposition Africa in the comity of nations.

The framework for the Round Table has been designed in such a way that it will tap from the vision of African Bar Association and its programs will be aligned with that of the Association in as much as it can develop programs that can foster thought provoking engagements and policy buildings for improved collaboration among African states and elimination of poverty.

In February 2018, the president of African Bar Association contacted and advised Mr. George Agu, an IT Professional and Founder of ActivEdge Technologies (a Pan African Information Technology Company) of his appointment to stand in as the chair of the African Business Roundtable in Nairobi, Kenya – 2018 and collaborate with Trade and Investment Committee, whose founding members were working on the development and promotion of the Business Roundtable under the chairmanship of Barr. Mark-Anthony Nduka-Eze.

The theme of this year’s business Round Table will centre on INTER AFRICAN TRADE – Doing Good Business in Africa for Africans.

In the medium to long term, the Round Table organizing committee has resolved to immediately appoint a deputy Chairman from any of the four African Regions (except the region where the conference Chair comes from) to support the chairman’s efforts and create additional responsibility matrix that can be offered to capable representatives in other countries as first respondents. It also aims to recruit four Regional Coordinators representing West, East, North and Southern African Regions.

Some of the initial responsibilities that the planning committee was able to come up with include:

  1. Define the objectives and expectations of the business Roundtable conference.
  2. Define key deliverables on the conference.
  • Define key success factors to having good business roundtable
  1. Define some short, medium and long term goals and objectives and the Business Round Table.

The Business Round Table also targets to be in a position to render the following services to its members:

  1. Policy Advocacy-This remains a strong mandate done through our various proposed programs such as business round table, Quarterly business Luncheon, Press Briefing, Groups’ Seminars/Symposia, Business Networking and Representatives to African countries.
  2. Business Advisory Services-The Secretariat will be strengthened to provide business advisory services to members.
  3. Harmonization of business Immigration Policies across African countries to facilitate investment and Trade visas.
  4. Letters of introduction to Embassies-Members who intend to travel within and outside Africa will be given letters of introduction (on request) to facilitate visa application.

It is also expected that the Round Table will offer a unique networking opportunities to members to:

  • Increase Network and contacts
  • Offer Member referral Service
  • AFBA Business Roundtable partnership with other business organizations in Africa and Globally
  • Increase in African outreach through Membership Directory and advertisement and on our website and journals.

Participation of Members in Panel Discussions and sectorial groups. It was agreed that prospective members should volunteer to join these Sectorial Groups of the AFBA Business Roundtable

  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Information Communication Technology & Telecommunication
  3. Industrial Group
  4. Transport Group
  5. Education Group
  6. Small & Medium Scale Enterprise Group
  7. Construction and Engineering Group
  8. Financial Services Group
  9. Professional Practices Group
  10. Agricultural Group
  11. Automobile and Allied Group
  12. Hotel, Tourism & Entertainment Group
  13. Fashion
  14. Export Group
  15. Power Sector
  16. Real Estate Sector Group

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Foundation Members include the following:

African Business Round Table;

  1. Joyce Williams of Armooh –Williams PLC,
  2. Jill Juma of Cuts International
  3. Ambassador Uwaifo
  4. Osasuwa Osai, MD- Farmforte
  5. Mark-Anthony Nduka-eze
  6. Philip Obioha
  7. Nick Mwendwa
  8. Tawanda Nyambirai
  9. Yusuf-Blue Camel Energy (Solar Power)
  10. Ifechukwude Okonjo, MD-Chevy Chase
  11. Okey Akobundu-Okey Akobundu
  12. Samantha Iwowo, MD-Numero Uno Artistry
  13. Ify Corona, MD- Regi Roma
  14. Feyi Tayo, MD-Sailors Restaurant
  15. Mr. Ambrose Egbosimba, MD- Tau Driving Academy (UK) Ltd

Highlight of Prospective projects earmarked for the Business Round Table include: 

  • E- Library: An interactive, technology driven online compendium of laws of different countries that will harmonize the body of African Legal rules in different legal disciplines.
  • Vocational ICT training for youths and young graduates to train in all aspects of new technology such as networking, cyber security and cloud computing to drive youth employment in partnership with Samsung and Huawei Technologies.
  • Creative Education for the Girl child driven by technology
  • Introduction of smart Education and creative learning in Secondary Schools and Universities across African countries in collaboration with Global OEM companies such as Samsung and Huawei.
  • Advocacy to harmonize Pension Funds, Increase access to dollar denominated Loans at affordable costs, etc.

The Business Roundtable is scheduled to hold in four regions of Africa every year, and is designed to work in such a way that Parliamentary members, Consular officials/Embassies, Attorney Generals of various African countries and business communities will participate at the business round table conference.


Barrister: Mark-anthony Nduka-eze, Chairman-Committee for Business Immigration, Trade and Investment. Tel: +234-8022221015. Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

George Agu-Chairman of African Business Roundtable –Nairobi Conference-2018

Tel: +234-803-958-2985  Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jovita Maduike-Project Manager

Tel: +234-803 491-6445  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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