“Rules of Engagement in Asymmetric Warfare and Security Operations:
Need for Compliance with Local and International Law”

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Who to Attend


Armed Forces Personnel involved in operations, instructions, Leadership, training etc (Army, Navy, Airforce) Security agencies-Police, Immigration, Customs and other Civil Security Organizations. Military Lawyers, Members of Military tribunals, Judge Advocates, Officers involved in the Military Justice System. Solicitors to Military and Security Establishment, Defense Counsel, Legal Practitioners, Human Righs Practitioners, International Criminal Law Practitioners, Paralegals and those interested seasoned experts from the ICC, Academia, International agencies, the African Bar, US African Command Human Rights Community will be in hand to handle the workshop


Crimes that can be committed by Armed Forces and security Personnel during operations and civil duties.

Military Justice System: Offences, Trial Procedure, Human Rights issues, Witnesses, Judge Advocates, Command Structure, Fairness and Appeals.

The nature and scope of the International Criminal Court in The Hague under the Rome Stature. Punishable Crimes, Trials and proceures

Military Legal Advisers: Operational Advise, Command Structure, and Advise Relaionship between Adviser and Advisee, Commander, Legal Advisers and Field Operations, Non-adherence to Legal Advise, Consequences.

Handing Evidence, Forensic Evidence, Oral, Written, Gathering of Evidence, Admissibility and Non-Admissiblity.

Digital Security: Cybercrimes, Cyber Warfare Intelligence reports, Evidence and Treatment, International co-operation

Terrorism, Nature of Civil Conflicts