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African Bar Association Mourns KOFFI ANNAN


Afba president to attend the National Conference...

The Centre for Gender Studies, University of...

Abuja Abductees request for assistance from Afba

Founder’ Meeting of PrivacyRules, United Kingdom...

Sustainable Blue Economy Conference

The office of the President of the African Shipowners Association Kenya presents its warm complements to the African Bar Association and invites the Honourable president of the Afba Hannibal Uwaifo for thier forthcoming Conference


The Southern Cameroonians who were abducted from Abuja and detained in a Gendarme underground detention centre in Yaoundé Cameroun request for assistance.  Among the detainees are two members of AfBA. 

The AfBA before now has conducted a very impressive campaign holding Nigeria primarily responsible for this crime and requested Cameroun releases them forthwith since they were under the protection of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees when they were abducted.

Upon the receipt of this request, the Afba has strongly started exerting more pressure once more. The Afba will be issuing a strong statement calling for Nigeria and Cameroun to produce and free them with immediate effect.  Afba with immediate effect will send complaints and engage with the UN High Commission for Refugees in Nigeria, the ECOWAS, AU, UN, and the diplomatic community.

Afba will take legal action at the ECOWAS Court against Nigeria on the matter. This case is highly political and Afba will lead a strong worldwide coalition to put pressure for the release of these captives. In particular, Afba can and will put very strong pressure on the United Nations through the UN High Commission for Refugees in Nigeria for the UNHCR to file a formal complaint against Nigeria and Cameroun at the UN or seek a UN Resolution on the violation of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and the release of the captives.

The Centre for Gender Studies, University of Benin, Nigeria, is organizing her 4th International Conference on Gender. The conference holds on Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th September, 2018. The conference with the theme, 'Gender Empowerment for National Development'. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday 24th September, 2018 at 10:00am at the Akin Deko (Main Auditorium), Ugbowo Campus, University of Benin, in which your presence will be highly appreciated.

The Management Board and staff, Centre for Gender Studies are delighted to invite the Afba president Hannibal Uwaifo as a Special Guest to the International conference.

As stated by the Prof (Mrs.) E.U Edosomwan

“This Conference is coming at a critical period of our democratic experience in which all institutions are being tested and the collective resolve to expand the space for inclusion and participation of all is undergoing scrutiny. Nigeria has benefitted greatly from the Legislature in its quest to deepen its democratic practices and improve on its credentials. The role of the legislature in providing enabling laws to encourage gender mainstreaming in all matters of development has never been in doubt. However, in spite of efforts made to respond to the perennial issue of gender inequality and inequities, several issues continue to stare us in the face. In Nigeria, for example, while strong advocacy has ensured that women are part of, or benefit from the governance system, community empowerment, education, the budgeting process, civil rights and overall development, the cold reception encountered by the Gender and Equal Opportunities Bill at the National Assembly is a warning of the important barriers still on the path of gender equality in Nigeria. This conference welcomes a discussion on how female participation can be enhanced and will address the issues of unending neglect of gender considerations by all actors in the governance space.

The Centre for Gender Studies is a centre of excellence in academic and intervention activities that contributes significantly to gender empowerment, equality and equity in the University, community and the nation. It also has the responsibility of reshaping public attitudes, opinions, the differential impact of economic and political systems on gender. The Centre is also involved in both teaching and research on gender issues to provide empirical data and analysis which can lead to Gender Mainstreaming.”

Prof. (Mrs.) E.U. Edosomwan.





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AFBA Introduces "African Bar List"

AFBA Introduces "African Bar List"

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