Afba pays a courtesy visit to the Edo state...

Afba pays a courtesy visit to the Uniben’ VC

Afba’s 27th Exco Meeting

Afba meets with the Esogban of Benin Kingdom

The Afba pays a courtesy visit to the Edo State...

The Nigerian Army partners African Bar...

AFBA at the Edo State Government House

The Afba EXCOs arrival in Benin

Afba welcomes the committee chairs in Lagos,...

Afba Meeting Notice

The African Bar Association also paid a courtesy visit to the Edo State Chief Judge Hon. Justice Esohe Frances Ikponmwen. The chief judge was delighted to welcome the executive council members of the Afba. Members of the afba were introduced to her and she also introduced her allies present at her office. The meeting proceeded with talks bothering on the respect of rule of law and the fishing out the few bad lawyers that stain the noble profession.

At the end of the meeting gifts were exchanged between both parties.

Setting foot on the venue hosting its 27th Excos’ meeting, the African Bar Association thought it wise to pay homage to the Chief Host of the event which happened to be the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious University of Benin.

The meeting started with the introduction of the University of Benin’s executives, in attendance was the Host; Vice Chancellor of the University, his Deputy, Bursar and registrar.

The president of the Afba also went ahead to introduce members of Afba. The afba president Hannibal Uwaifo also thanked the Vice Chacellor Prof. F.F.O. Orunmwense for its contribution to Afba.

Several issues were discussed and above all the Afba was hailed for its fight against corrupt practises a t a continental level.

The Afba’s 27th Exco meeting held on the 5th of February 2019 at the Senate Chambers of the University of Benin, Benin City Edo State.

At the fore front of the things discussed at the meeting were;

Issues surrounding the Nigerian Chief Justice; Making sure that the Afba checks the matter without bias.

Defending the judiciary but not the government; that due process be followed.

Issues on Gabon too were raised; the coup saga.

In Camerron; issues concerning the arrest of opposition members and the government crackdown on the people.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo; Concerns about the just concluded presidential elections and the western powers influence.

Zimbabwe: Concerns about the crisis and lootings after the president raised the fuel price.

The meeting sessions were successful, and also members raised concerns about the benefits and relevance of members.

The African Bar Association paid a courtesy visit to the Esogban of Benin Kingdom (The Oracle), Chief Edebiri.

Chief Edebiri gave the Afba members a warm reception at his palace, the visit was wonderful and a great insight to members of the Afba learning a few things about the Benin Kingdom history.

Edo high chief explains to members of Afba why witches are not killed in Benin kingdom

A high chief in Edo state, Chief David Edebiri who is the Esogban of Benin Kingdom and the Odionwere (Head) of witches and wizards in Edo state, has given reasons why self confesed witches and wizards in Benin kingdom are not killed.

Edebiri in a chat with members of the African Bar Association who paid him a courtesy call today, said any witch or wizard that confesses in the Benin kingdom, is treated with uttermost respect and is rehabilitated back into the society after undergoing certain processes. Edebiri said the powers to deal with witches and wizards in the kingdom was given to him by the Oba of Benin.

“Witches and wizards are my subjects. We deal with them in a decent way. There is no magical process in it. Once anybody confessed to be a witch, we send them to a home and a Chief is given the powers to disposes them. We take them through certain processes and they will become ineffective. They will go back to the society better persons.” he told the visiting lawyers.

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