The Afba President presents a gift to the Chief...

The Afba receives a gift from the Chief Justice...

International Association of Defence Lawyers in...

The Afba President visits the Law Society of Kenya

AFBA Introduces "African Bar List"

Women Interest Group

Important Notices

African Regional Conference on the Environment

Business Round Table

Conference Entry Visa

Afbar president visits the Governor Of Nairobi County


The african Bar Association Preseident signing the visitors register after a visit to the Governor of Nairobi County His Excellency Mr Mbuvi Sanko.

Governor Sanko and Chaisir of Afba kenya Carolyn Daudi standing


Join AFBA and become a full member, full membership includes membership of the AFBA and two committess from the legal practices division and the the SPPID. Are you a young lawyer? welcome AFBA also has a plan for you.


Remember to renew to your membership. Annual membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. AFBA advices old members to endavour to renew their membership so they won't fall out of the numerous benefits attached to it.



The Conference will begin partially on Saturday, July 21st, with the registration and picking of Conference Security tags and other materials.


Participation of Members in Panel Discussions and sectorial groups. It was agreed that prospective members should volunteer to join these Sectorial Groups of the AFBA Business Roundtable

  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Information Communication Technology & Telecommunication
  3. Industrial Group
  4. Transport Group
  5. Education Group
  6. Small & Medium Scale Enterprise Group
  7. Construction and Engineering Group
  8. Financial Services Group
  9. Professional Practices Group
  10. Agricultural Group
  11. Automobile and Allied Group
  12. Hotel, Tourism & Entertainment Group
  13. Fashion
  14. Export Group
  15. Power Sector
  16. Real Estate Sector Group


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African Bar List

AFBA Introduces "African Bar List"

AFBA Introduces "African Bar List"

Are you a high lying Lawyer in the African continent,  do you want to connect with the Global Legal Community, do you want continental and global networking, do you want to...

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